About the book

  • Who it's for

    This is the manual every qualified accountancy professional needs to read before setting up their own practice.

  • Sharing ideas & experience

    Having applied her corporate experience to building a modern cloud accountancy practice, Della Hudson presents her road map to help you to do the same. Here, she shares her hard-earned knowledge so that other accountancy professionals can grow their own successful, scaleable and even sellable businesses.

  • Planning

    This book is a road map that will help a qualified professional to: start a successful business from scratch with no personal or business contacts; move from the kitchen table to an office space; recruit and train a team of technical and administrative staff; create a highly systemised business, which can function independently of the business owner; run an ethical business that contributes to the local community; host and speak at business events; set up a marketing system that operates even during the busiest periods in order to grow the business organically; purchase and even sell a business.