Course curriculum

  • 01
    Basic bookkeeping - recording the numbers
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    • 1. Customer quotes and invoices
    • 2. Supplier purchases and bills
    • 3. Hubdoc - photograph and upload supplier invoices
    • 4. Bank reconciliation
    • 5. Reports - profit and loss, balance sheet
    • 6. Bookkeeping hints
    • Links to Xero's own training videos
    • Superseded - (Basic bookkeeping - recording the numbers)
  • 02
    Understanding your numbers - trends and jargon
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    • WEBINAR 2 Understanding your number - trends and jargon
  • 03
    Everything you were afraid to ask you accountant?
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    • WEBINAR 3 Everything you were afraid to ask your accountant? Answers to 50+ common questions
  • 04
    More resources and discounts
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    • More resources and discounts
  • Is this for you?

    If you’re a business owner who is a bit (or a lot) scared of the numbers side of their business then this course was written for you. If you’re not yet comfortable with numbers then we look at the key patterns to spot and answer all the questions you wanted to ask your accountant. There’s no such thing as a silly question as far as I’m concerned.